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Pain Mapping

Precision techniques to find out what hurts.

Every day, patients come to us after having 
seen multiple specialists, having had multiple 
interventions or even surgery.
Most are still in pain, confused and anxious about their pain sources, about their diagnosis.

Getting better starts with the basics:

What is the source of pain? Successful pain management treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. Our diagnostic approach is based on precise algorithms verified by years of experience. We combine patient education with non-surgical techniques, and most importantly, with pain diagrams and journals to precisely measure our outcomes. In a short period, you will know what your pain sources are. You will have a map of your pain.

Once we map the pain sources, we make a decision on whether regenerative treatments could be successful or not in each individual case. We develop a customized individual plan of treatment, involving exercise therapy, nutrition, metabolic supplements, peptide therapies, and interventional procedures.

After pain mapping, our team works together with the common goals of not only restoring pain relief and patient’s function, but also preventing future injury and degeneration. Our integrative approach is unique in addressing all aspects of a patient’s health to achieve these goals.