Precision Medicine Update February 9

Welcome February, the month of atonement and purification.

We have been hard at work re-formulating our intravenous cocktails to better suit the needs of our patient population. We have been at this for a couple years now and have developed greater expertise in designing effective programs that really augment our integrative process that focuses on the fundamentals of good health. Below is a summary of the main IVs we are offering:

The Optimizer – This infusion program is a general wellness infusion that includes many different components, from B vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, and even peptides. This infusion is great for people that lead busy lives, travel often (maybe not so much with COVID), or get too carried away over the weekend. On another note, given present contamination with herbicides and pesticides, it is likely that food just isn’t enough to stay metabolically optimal. Every chemical reaction that occurs in the body requires these vitamins and/or minerals in some form, because they help facilitate and speed the process along. Having more building blocks ready to be shipped to cells in need helps prevent fatigue and build resiliency to daily stressors. The benefit of obtaining these nutrients through an injection is that they will be rapidly available for cellular use and there is no worry about absorption problems through the stomach or gut. 100% of what you are receiving trough an IV is available to your system. Different components can be added to truly customize the experience depending on personal needs.

Rewire – This infusion program is targeted toward rehabilitating reward sensitivity in the brain. That may seem like a mouthful, but basically all it means is that it helps restructure the parts of the brain that get hijacked by instant gratification and fast rewards. This includes substance abuse, excessive digital and social media consumption, and inappropriate food intake/avoidance. This is most effective when coupled with an integrative plan to address potential pitfalls and establish a supportive, comprehensive program.

Regenerate – This infusion program is targeted toward athletes, patients undergoing regenerative procedures (stem cells, PRP, exosomes), and individuals that have a difficult time consuming enough protein to meet their nutritional or anabolic goals. It is packed with amino acids, connective tissue support, and peptides for tissue growth.

Pain Reset – This IV is targeted toward those suffering with chronic pain that has a heavy neurological component – when the level of pain perceived does not seem appropriate for the amount of tissue damage or anatomical dysfunction. Additionally, conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and migraine headaches have shown a robust response to this infusion. Lastly, for those that suffer with CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) we add IV ozone/oxygen gas that, when administered consistently, has a profound reduction in pain and sensitivity.

Immune Modulation – The immune system modulation plans are geared toward three main categories: Prevention, acute or chronic infection, and autoimmune disease. Each category has a different combination of components designed to address the issue at hand. Worried about getting sick? Feel like you’re starting to come down with something? Tired of feeling ill? Try an immune boosting (or calming) infusion today!

If any of these sound interesting and you’d like to know more or see if you’re a candidate for IV therapy, call and schedule a time to discuss it!

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