Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Low-T…is it really that simple?

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need…it is complicated let us help you learn more.

At the weekly FM meeting the PRFM team explored the symptoms associated with male hormone dysfunction, how to measure it, and how to safely address it. These days many Low-T clinics are offering a one size fits all for what they believe male hormone dysfunction to be – low testosterone. However, there is so much more than simply replacing testosterone. Addressing the entire brain-gonadal axis requires a deeper dive into each patient.

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need…regulating estrogen levels and other hormones.

Did you know? Many men suffer from estrogen dominance that can be caused by concussions or head trauma. Or that everyday exposures to environmental pollutants place all of us at risk of hormone disruptions? It is true – and at PRFM the team makes sure to look at all of the puzzle pieces before ordering replacements.

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need…other benefits.

In addition, male hormone dysfunction is so much more than sexual function and energy. Although these are the most common complaints they shadow in comparison to the cancer prevention, cardiovascular protection, brain protection, and PAIN REDUCTION.

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need…to regenerative and repair.

Are you thinking of using regenerative therapies like stem cells to repair spine or sports injuries? Hormone optimization increases the chances of a good outcome, as cell repair and proliferation are impacted by hormonal control, especially testosterone and growth hormone.

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need…to reduce chronic pain.

How do hormones effect our pain patients? As it turns out in more ways than one would think. Chronic pain leads to changes in behavior that have drastic impacts on normal body function, and that includes those functions associated with reproductive capacity. Beyond the underlying disease, treatments like opioids, antidepressants, antihypertensives other commonly prescribed medications alter brain chemistry that can further affect hormonal function.

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need…many options.

Is hormone replacement right for you? Our team understands the risks and complications associated with hormone replacement as well as the important role it can play in a patient’s overall health and happiness. This is why we are dedicated to evaluating patients as individuals – considering all factors, medical history, labs, symptoms, lifestyle, and financial needs.

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need…finding the best treatment for you.

Is there only one form of hormone replacement? We firmly believe NO, and we also believe hormone replacement is not a one size fits all treatment. This why we offer a variety of treatment options beyond testosterone that can provide even greater outcomes.

Talk to one of your health providers today to learn more and remember…

Testosterone is not the only hormone men need.

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