Exercise for Spine and Joint Pain During Social Isolation

We understand that a major problem with staying at home is getting proper instructions on how to exercise when having spine and joint pain.

During all the telemedicine visits we have recently had, we have been asked several times about this, so we decided to do some research for our patients and curate a list of digital resources you might find helpful.

This video on the McGill Big 3 is a basic home exercise program for patients who have not had PT for low back pain:

McGill Bog 3 - Core Exercises

Related to the above video, for those of you who are really dedicated to working out, or for the engineers and scientists among you, I recommend reading Stuart McGill’s “The Back Mechanic” and follow with “The Gift of Injury”.

For those of you who want to spend time with an actual physical therapist, Physera is an app that can do just that, for a fee of course. Some of you may be able to get reimbursement from insurance.

Hinge Health also provides personalized exercise programs for back and joint pain. The program includes and app and a wearable (not cheap). Some employers cover this program, so check with yours.

Here is another excellent resource not only for the care of a COVID-infected family member, but also for a sequence of exercises that can be employed from a rehabilitation perspective from home.

For spine, these are a good primer for both lumbar and cervical problems

We hope these resources can get you started on a home exercise program to maintain your level of fitness through this lockdown. Remember, a good attitude is also important. We are at work every day, so please call or email us if we can help in any way!

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