The ABC's of Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is “N=1 Medicine,” which means you will be treated based on your individual circumstances, not those of the population at large.

We do this by using our ABCs of Precision Medicine:

A – Anthropometric Analysis. These are individualized measurements of the

structure of your body based on detailed analysis of radiological studies, precise

diagnostic interventions, and body composition measurements.

B - Biomarkers. We study in-depth laboratory markers found in blood, urine, and saliva and we measure them against individual genetic variations to look for sources of imbalances and chronic health problems.

C- Cognition. No health analysis would be complete without a cognitive evaluation of mental health, focus, and performance.

Our practice has pioneered an integrative approach based on these ABCs of Precision Medicine. We employ regenerative and functional medicine to leverage the body’s natural, intrinsic ability to self-heal. The result? You will be less fragile and optimized for physical and mental performance.

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