Hormone OptimizationIntravenous Therapy

IV Therapies for Pain and Beyond

Our IV Pain Plan attempts to address these malfunctions and get you on a path towards normal pain perception.

You may ask yourself, “why should I go this route?” And the answer is this: independence from pharmaceuticals and the restoration of your own resilience.

These treatments are not life-long and are geared toward your getting your life back. Anti-inflammatories and opioids create a positive feedback loop that leads to continual and gradually increasing use until you max out – and then you’re stuck.

With this program we are addressing the root causes of pain – inflammation, bioenergetic malfunction, structural damage, and central sensitization.

Phases of the IV Pain Plan


First, we have inflammation, a term mostly known because of its ubiquitous role in all diseases. Inflammation is not always bad; however, the problem lies in the presence of chronic inflammation where the body is not able to get itself back to pre-insult status. In this phase, we are trying to remove the mediators that cause tissue damage and prevent recovery and healing. By tackling this first, we give the body a clean slate to improve response to bioenergetic malfunction.


The second phase is increasing the effectiveness of the organelles that produce energy. We do this by addressing the stressors that the organelles are sensitive to, such as high blood sugar, environmental toxicants, and nutrient deficiency. Organ systems with high energy demands like the heart and brain will manifest issues first – headaches, muscle aches, shortness of breath, etc. This phase of the infusion is geared toward improving energy dynamics by providing resources and raw materials needed to do work.

Neuronal Damage

Thirdly, we address what is left in the wake of inflammation that is due to wear and tear, poor lifestyle choices, and so on. This presents itself in the breaking down of the fatty sheaths that surround nerves. When these deteriorate, high order information transmissions like fine touch and vibration can be affected. The smaller pain nerves that have less of a sheath to begin with are then allowed to yield a greater perception. In this phase, we attempt to support the peripheral nerves and cells with the necessary components to actually rebuild and regrow.

Central Sensitization

Unfortunately, one of the problems with chronic pain is that peripheral nerve silence is not always sufficient enough to stop the pain entirely. The channels that the brain uses to process and perceive pain become more efficient. Think of a commonly-used dirt road being grown to become a 6-lane freeway over time due to increased demand and activity. The technical term for this is central sensitization. Our final part of the IV Pain Plan tackles the brain and its metabolic function to reset the higher pain centers and unpave the roads. In addition to IV therapy, we will teach you therapies that you can continue at home so that you have a comprehensive strategy for bringing your pain levels down.

ImmunoBoost Plan

Winter is Coming

Do you ever have the feeling you’re coming down with something?

The immune system is an intricate one that has specific needs in order to function appropriately. It can be thought of as our own unique armed force – a force that has multiple divisions that respond to different kinds and levels of threat. These forces vary in skill and specificity of duty, like the general peace officers compared to special forces or SWAT. It may be tempting to want the highly specialized and deadly forces to respond to every internal battle, but in reality, it is best to support the low-resolution protectors so that special operations are left for just that – special situations. 
If the immune system does not operate through the appropriate chain of command then it can become dysregulated and inefficient. So how do we support these first-responders? We send in the best supplies and equipment possible to help them restrain, contain, and eliminate the source of inflammation. Our ImmunoBoost Plan gives a boost to the immune system while also combating foreign invaders that would disrupt well-being. This is not a replacement for maintaining immune system balance, but rather an adjunct when stress is high, sleep is off, traveling or winter is around the bend. 

Regenerative Procedure Recovery Plan

Stem Cell Activation and Support

You just had a procedure that is dependent upon the normal inflammatory response of your body.

Imagine the area like a crime scene – in order to be processed correctly with the best chance of solving the crime, the authorities have to send in specialized units to gather data, collect evidence, and so on. If they don’t, there is a much smaller chance that the perpetrator will get apprehended, and much greater chance that they will engage in more criminal activity. In this example, the body will sense the local inflammation (crime scene) and send immune cells (detectives) to investigate the new damage. From there, the immune cells will call in agents of regeneration like fibroblasts and stem cells to repair the damage. Of course, this happens much faster and to a greater extent due to the products that were introduced by Dr. Dumitrescu. All this to say that in this case inflammation is actually something that we want for a couple days. The Regenerative Procedure Recovery IV plan is geared to detoxify the body and stimulate and support the stem cell functions.

The Optimizer

Optimize Well-Being

The Optimizer is for an all-around boost to the metabolic machine that is the human system. 

Full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants this cocktail makes a great adjunct for an off-day, jet-lag, mid-term, or any other kind of day. On another note, given present contamination with herbicides and pesticides, it is likely that food just isn’t enough to stay metabolically optimal. Every chemical reaction that occurs in the body requires these vitamins and/or minerals in some form, because they help facilitate and speed the process along. Having more building blocks ready to be shipped to cells in need helps prevent fatigue and build resiliency to daily stressors. The benefit of obtaining these nutrients through an injection is that they will be rapidly available for cellular use and there is no worry about absorption problems through the stomach or gut. 100% of what you are receiving trough an IV is available to your system. So, if you know you need help in the nutrition department or even if you are doing everything right but just need that extra edge, adding in The Optimizer may help you achieve your goals. The Optimizer can be tailored to fit particular lifestyles as well, from athletes to the weekend warriors.