Functional MedicineWhat is Functional Medicine?

What Is Functional Medicine?

What is health? Some would define health as simply the absence of disease. However, we believe health is more than that.

We see “health” as having the desire and ability to do and enjoy the life you want to live. We view “health” as the state of a successfully functioning body, mind and spirit.

At Precision Medicine, we have been treating people suffering from diverse types of pain for the past several years. While one person may need temporary relief from surgical pain, another person may be dealing with a degenerative spine that causes daily back pain, poor sleep, muscle tightness, inactivity, and other secondary problems.

Chronic pain is commonly associated with a constellation of secondary problems such as weight gain, depression, sexual dysfunction, digestive issues like constipation, anxiety, headaches and even cardiovascular disease.

On a daily basis, we witness the individual pain experience that is impacting essentially every facet of living an enjoyable life.

We address pain with physical therapy modalities, interventional and regenerative treatments. At the same time, we work hard to tackle all the secondary components that can influence pain perception.

We introduced functional medicine to the practice as a means to evaluate and treat pain comprehensively. The assessment begins with an evaluation of your goals. We listen to what your pain experience has been and identify what “health” means to you. This allows us to determine the direction of the testing and treatment.

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The comprehensive approach includes an assessment of the various body systems.

Digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients into the body is a fundamental piece of this discussion. The body is very good at healing itself when it has the necessary ingredients to do so. Identifying nutrient deficiencies or unknown food incompatibilities, for example, will reverse inflammation and improve body pain. This is complimentary to our regenerative treatments.

Functional medicine’s aim is to optimize multiple body systems. Lifestyle patterns, environmental toxins and infectious exposures impact vitality and function. Rigorous biomarker evaluation allows for individualized treatment plans.

Let’s use lumbar disc degeneration as an example. One person may recover from a back pain crisis within several days, but another may recall that their “health was never the same” after a severe crisis. Did you ever wonder why that is? Nutrient status, hormone status, stress level, medication effects, age, genetics and chronic conditions like pain play a role in how you maintain health throughout the lifespan.

We are here for you. If you would like to have a functional medicine evaluation to take a more comprehensive look at your pain, we are ready to help you on that journey.

Beyond Functional Medicine

Once we optimized your fundamental pillars of lifestyle, we can tap into the fullpotential of the human systems through enhancement of:
  • Physical performance
  • Musculoskeletal resiliency
  • Biologic age reversal
  • Cognitive capacity