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Back Headache & Migraine Pain

Headaches are a complex diagnostic entity. They could derive from intrinsic brain problems, whether neurologic or vascular (migraines, tension headache, cluster headache), or they could be referred from the neck (cervical) structures, such as muscles/ tendons/ ligaments, nerves, facet joints, and discs.

The first type of headaches, of intrinsic brain problems, can be treated successfully with psychological support, medication, and ultimately with peripheral nerve stimulation.

The headaches referred from the neck structures, called cervicogenic headaches, are amenable to various treatments, depending whether they arise from the occipital

nerves, from the muscles, ligaments of the neck and base of the skull, from the joints linking the head and the neck, from the cervical facet or cervical discs. Please refer to the Neck and Arm Pain section for more information.

Treatments for headache and migraine pain may include interventional spine injections to address neck sources of pain.

For those with chronic migraines that occur 15+ times per month, Botox therapy may be a solution. It is the first and only preventive treatment approved by the FDA for adults with this type of pain.

When all the other treatments do not prove effective, peripheral nerve stimulation is a state of the art minimally invasive technique that can be used to control headaches and migraines.

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