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Back Back & Leg Pain

Whether it is related to an accident, poor posture, injury or degeneration, back pain and leg pain are the most common conditions we treat in our clinic. We diagnose back and leg pain based on individual circumstances, and then treat the symptoms with modern, cutting-edge, non-surgical procedures.

Most common symptoms are: Ongoing pain that waxes and wanes, sometimes with severe crises separated by relative pain-free periods:

  • Lower back “locks up” with severe spasms
  • Associated pain down the leg and into the ankle and foot
  • Pain could vary from sharp and stabbing, to chronic aching, to severe burning and tingling in the leg
  • Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg or foot, and inability to bear weight on it
  • For a primer on most common sources of back pain, watch our video blog here

Finding the source or sources of back pain requires very careful diagnostic techniques. With our Pain Mapping techniques, we are able to differentiate between various spinal levels and various anatomic structures on the same level and provide our patients with a correct diagnosis. Some of the techniques we use are medial branch blocks, lumbar transforaminal epidural injections, and lumbar discography.

Once the correct diagnosis is made, we employ various other techniques of treatment, like endoscopic spine interventions or regenerative techniques when appropriate.

Unfortunately, there is a growing population of patients who have already had lumbar surgery without success. If you had back surgery, and are still hurting, you are not alone. Failed back surgery is a complex syndrome, and the management is also complex. We employ various techniques of diagnosis and treatment, like regenerative treatments, or spinal cord stimulation. Our Functional and Nutritional Medicine approach to the whole patient health adds a completely new and different dimension in the management of this chronic condition.

Let us help you with your back pain!